What services does Preferred Equine provide?

Preferred Equine is a full-service horse sales agency specializing in representing our customers as agent at both yearling and mixed Standardbred sales. Our services also include offering horses for private sale. We are proud to represent many of the industry’s leading breeders, owners and trainers. We are the industries #1 sales agency, selling more horses, for more money, than any individual or company. We’ve got the right contacts—in the right places—to help our customers get top dollar for their racehorses and breeding stock. We pride ourselves on quality care tailored to each client and horse. Once your horse arrives at the sale we will take it from there! We take care of all the grooming, showing, feeding and care until the end of the sale. We also have night watchman to look over the horses until our crew returns in the morning.

What are the dates and deadlines for the sales?

Entry deadlines – Listed under Sales Info Page
Paperwork deadlines – Listed under Sales Info Page

What date do I have until to pull my horse out without penalty?

The dates of this will vary from sale to sale so if you are considering this please call our office right away to avoid unwanted cost.

Should I stake my horse?

Yes. The more stakes listed at the bottom of your pedigree page may mean a larger price for your horse! Sales companies often times have a minimum amount of stakes required to be entered in their sale. For Example, Lexington Selected Yearling Sale requires that yearlings have a minimum of 10 stakes. If you are unsure of how to stake your yearling please consult with one of the following staking companies that we recommend:

Bluegrass Staking
PO Box 1014
Versailles, KY 40383
Phone: 859-873-1211
Fax: 859-873-5824


Chapman’s Staking Service Inc.
Cindy Chapman- Koch
PO Box 548
Neptune, NJ 07753
Phone: 732-988-7675
Fax: 732-361-3087


Joanne’s Staking Service Inc.
Jim Inglis
43 Main St South, PO Box 40
Campbellville, ON L0P 1B0


Minimum number of stakes required for yearlings:

  • Lexington Selected Yearling Sale: 10
  • Harrisburg Yearling Sale: 6
  • London Selected Yearling Sale: 5

Should I video my yearling?

We recommend hiring a professional videographer for this. Please contact them directly for rates and availability.

Aaron Re
Hanover Multimedia
Phone: 717-637-1115
Fax: 717-637-1115
Email: aaronre@comcast.net

Geoff Dubrowsky
Best Damn Horse Videos
Phone: 201-264-8654
Email: trots19@mac.com

Larry Cohen
Trivue Entertainment
Phone: 908-561-8742
Email: larry@trivue.org

Evan Newman
Arlington Video Productions
Phone: 614-459-3166
Fax: 614-451-4077
Email: contact@yearlingvideos.com

Producers Post
Phone: 519-680-7178
Email: ppost@ody.ca

Should I order a video for my racehorse?

We will order a race video of horse(s) best performance to have available for viewing at the sale. Please let us know if you desire a specific race(s).

Do I need to order a leather halter for my yearling?

Sales companies require each yearling to have a brown leather halter with a name plate including their name, sire and dam. You may order your own or we can order one for you through R.E. Fennell Co. The estimated cost is between $62-$65. Your cost is what the supplier charges us.

Should I send feed to the sale with my horse?

We provide hay to feed your horse while at the sale. If you choose to have your yearling fed while at the sale please send grain and the amount that you would like them to be fed.

Should I blanket my horse?

We like the yearlings to have slick coats. So please blanket them if necessary. We do have blankets we can provide at the sale while your yearling is under our care. If you choose to send a blanket with your yearling we will bag them and label them with your hip number for you to pick up after your horse has sold.

Should I clip my horse before the sale?

Yearlings should know how to be clipped prior to sale time. We prefer a small bridle path, about two inches wide. For yearling and mixed sale horses, all muzzle hair should be removed and under the jaw hairs as well. Hair on the feet along the coronet band and long hairs that hang off the fetlock should also be cleaned up as well. Horses should also have their manes pulled so that they are even across the bottom. We will be sure to clean them up once they arrive at the sale if needed.

What type of shoes should I have on my yearling?

A good blacksmith works to minimize the number of corrective conformation surgeries needed and helps the ones which are needed become successful. Hoof care is a crucial part of prepping success. As the saying goes, “NO FOOT, NO HORSE”. Good hoof maintenance includes picking the feet daily of debris followed by painting the sole and wall with a standard hoof dressing. Feet should be trimmed regularly to keep them from chipping or cracking. Consult with your blacksmith to see if there are any issues that might warrant trimming your yearling on a two week schedule. We would like for your yearling to have half shoes on their front feet when they arrive for the sale.

How should I sales prep my yearling?

When they arrive at the sale, your yearling should be able to walk on a lead in a willing manner with no pulling, turn around, stop, stand, have their stance adjusted and pick up feet. In addition, daily coat care is vital to achieving the sleek, shiny look that is desirable at the sale. They should have a grooming session at least once daily, with lots of currying to remove dead hair and bring up the natural oils in the coat. You may also choose to use spray conditioners on the mane and tail for easier detangling to avoid pulling out the hair and causing it to become thin. There isn’t much additional treatment needed for coats other than the occasional bath. Also consider turning your yearling out at night instead of the day during the hot summer sun to avoid sunburn and bleaching of dark coats that can dull and deaden the hair.

How do I get my horse to the sale?

It is your responsibility to arrange transportation to the sale.
If you do not have your own transportation below are a list of companies that provide shipping services. Please be sure to attach the shipping tag to your horses’ halter that has been sent to you with your paperwork to ensure the shipper brings the horse to the correct location.

Joe Morris Shipping
(609) 876-5180

Chupp Equine Transport, Inc.
(708) 672-5470 Business
(708) 205-3670 Cell

(800) 523-8143

Doyle Horse Transportation
(800) 267-5553

Rick Bodi
(859) 825-8562

Robert Lasky
(845) 239-1286

Dale Devine
(519) 830-4393

Brandon Arsenault
(905) 870-3466